Back to Canet Mar: Craft and Gift Fair + Canet Rock 2015

Next Saturday and Sunday, July 4th and 5th we will be at the Craft and Gifts Fair in Canet de Mar (40km from Barcelona). You will find some handmade products, food and many more articles such as: costume jewelry, clothes, decoration merchandise, silver jewelry, leather items, paintings and so on.

Fira Artesania Canet de Mar

You can find us Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 9PM, just next to the “Hostalet de Canet” in the “Riera Sant Domènech, No.5” in the same street side but below the “Hostalet” towards the beach. We will be there with our stand full of our association customized items (shirts, buffs, bracelets… and the compilation CD of songs in which we included a version of “Boig per tu” of the group “Sau” sung by Àlex. There are also other songs from Beth, Pep Sala, Jofre Bardagí, Vuit or Andreu Rifé among other artists who have also worked on it). All the money raised with all these articles will be used to pay for Àlex’s treatments to mitigate his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) achieving a better quality of life and personal growth thus being able to have a better future.

Also on Saturday the 4th Canet Rock 2015 is held, a large outdoor concert that will live its 6th installment. It is a festival full of music, a legend thanks to its four first editions (1975­-1978). This year it celebrates its 40 years from the first edition, and it has always taken place in Canet de Mar. All this makes this weekend’s Craft and Gift Fair a big party with performances and street shows. The restaurants, shops, bars and stores go out into the street along the “Riera Sant Domènech” stream and continue along the “Riera Gavarra” stream, taking members to “Pla d’en Sala”, the place where the festival takes place.

Canet Rock 2015

This Craft and Gift Fair has taken place in the “Riera Sant Domènech” stream during the first weekend of each month since the summer of 2004. For a while it was held on Saturdays only, but the success of exhibitors and visitors led it to last all weekend, just like nowadays.

Our participation as an organization has been thanks to the Economic development, Trade and Tourism Department of Canet de Mar Council who organizes this fair. We appreciate their help and willingness to make our initiative known to citizens, visitors and tourists from this beautiful Maresme’s town.

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