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A heartful concert: more than 600€ raised to continue helping Àlex

We are glad to tell you that at the “Solidary Concert + Charity call Help Us Help Àlex” that took place last 28th of November, we raised 675€ that will be used entirely for Àlex to continue receiving treatments to mitigate his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This concert also allowed us to tell people about our initiative, explain Àlex history and our association Nash Alex Sasha.

"Lexu's -Carles & Berenguer- with Xavi from Blaumut - A heartful concert". Photo de A. Màrchal.
“Lexu’s -Carles & Berenguer- with Xavi from Blaumut – A heartful concert”. Photo de A. Màrchal.
"Primo Zon with Maria Colom & Jordi Solà - A heartful concert". Photo Mireia Casanovas.
“Primo Zon with Maria Colom & Jordi Solà – A heartful concert”. Photo Mireia Casanovas.
"Enric Verdaguer - A heartful concert". Photo A. Màrchal.
“Enric Verdaguer – A heartful concert”. Photo A. Màrchal.

It was not an usual concert, as it was full of surprises. It was very special, emotional, intimate and lovely for lots of different reasons. One of this reasons was the location: “La Cava Club del Retiro” in Sitges. This concert meant for us the starting point of 2016 to our “Charity Call”. We showed many materials we had been preparing for a long time and that we hope will be known soon around the world to continue helping Àlex:

    • The video where Àlex is singing a version of “Boig per tu” from “Sau” and that was recorded 1 year ago can be watched here:

  • The official presentation of the “Episode 001” video that opened the “Charity Call”. A video done with lot of dedication, effort and will. But also with much illusion, love and the satisfaction of being a teamwork. This video will be available soon.
  • Andreu Rifé’s video singing and playing his beautiful song “Fil de Llum” with Àlex, who loves this song. Andreu Rifé has collaborated with us in many occasions, but this time was impossible for him to be there. As he wanted to participate in some way he recorded this video for us. It also will be available soon!

Moreover, between the performances some recent photos of Àlex were screened, photos from last summer, full of colour, joy and excitement… in short: hope!

In the concert some musician friends meet and they gave us some improvised performances. Pribiz with Enric Verdaguer, Lexu’s with Lluís of Màia’s group and again Lexu’s with Xavi from Blaumut group. Lexu’s and Xavi were singing a song while reading the lyrics from a mobile, so they were touching the mobile constantly so the light didn’t go off. I was funny!

"Blaumut (Xavi, Oriol & Vassil) - A heartful concert". Photo Roberto Franco (Roby).
“Blaumut (Xavi, Oriol & Vassil) – A heartful concert”. Photo Roberto Franco (Roby).

Ramon Mirabet and all the other musicians dedicated some words to the audience and that was how we knew that the song “Le Sud” that appears in his first disc, was filmed in the same location as we were doing the concert. We don’t believe in chances, but if so… we hope it is a good sign for all that we have going on to help Àlex. We have a goal and we are fighting to get it. After the last performance, we listen to the beautiful song of Lluis Llach “Que tinguem sort” to close the event.

Before saying goodbyes, we would like to let known that from a negative and painful situation that we had, now we are living a beautiful experience that is allowing us to make new friends, talk and meet very interesting people we had never imagined we could meet. We are enjoying and feeling satisfied of what we are doing and we are trying to notice the positive moments of a situation that is hard to carry on.

We want to thank the audience that participated in the concert, also thank the musicians and collaborators that disinterestedly and solidarity make our dream come true. We got to do a very special concert in Sitges with the musicians and groups that we wanted to help Àlex’s cause. Without all them this could not be possible. This is why we want to thank their dedication mentioning them.

It was a magic evening! Thanks to everyone that made it possible!

You can find more photos in Nash Alex Sasha Facebook.

Musicians and groups

  • Sergio Ramírez
  • Albert Solà
  • Pribiz
  • Primo Zon
  • Ramon Mirabet
  • Lexu’s
  • Enric Verdaguer
  • Blaumut
  • and the collaboration of Andreu Rifé (video)


  • David Casamitjana
  • Escola de Música Akord’s
  • La Cava Club del Retiro
  • La Palmera Torta
  • L’Eco de Sitges
  • Música Global Discogràfica (Ramon)
  • No Sonores (Ariadna Biosca)
  • TEMproductions (Cristina Torres and Elisenda Carod)

Usual collaborators

  • Marc Mañé
  • Dlktssn
  • Centre Escala Iris
  • Jaume Noguera


  • A. Màrchal
  • Cristina Plumed
  • Marga Xaus
  • Patricia Duran
  • Sergio Ramírez

Solidary concert for Àlex in Sitges

The Nash Alex Sasha Association has organized a solidary concert full of surprises to help Àlex. The concert will be on Saturday 28th of November. It will be a very special concert, for many different reasons.

All the money raised will be totally set aside for the treatment Àlex is receiving to mitigate his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in favour of a better quality of life and personal growth, so he can have a better future.

Cartell Concert Nash Alex Sasha La Cava

The ticket Price is 10€. Tickets can be purchased in advance at L’Avinyet de Sitges – Bar/Restaurant (Jesús Street, nº12).

The concert will start at 7PM and will finish approximately at 11PM. It will take place at La Cava Club de Sitges (Àngel Vidal Street, nº 17-24). The place has limited capacity of 100 people. The concert will be acoustic and the artists playing will be the following:

  • Sergio Ramirez
  • Albert Solà
  • Pribiz
  • Primo Zon
  • Ramon Mirabet
  • Lexu’s
  • Enric Verdaguer
  • Blaumut

We want to thank La Cava Club and La Palmera Torta as they has helped us with the organization of the event, we also want to thank the musicians and all the people that in different ways are collaborating with this initiative. Thanks to all!

See you in the concert!

Canet de Mar: reencounters, new friends and solidarity

The weekend 4th and 5th of July we participated to “La Fira d’Artesania i Regal” in Canet de Mar. Economic Promotion, Trade and Tourism Department of the city, organizers of this fair, get us set our stand in the Sant Domènec’s Shore of this beautiful town. We are so thankful for that since we could continue explaining to everyone our initiative.

Canet de Mar 2015

A year ago we participated in this Fair, so this year we could reencounter old friends and meet new people that accompanied us and were interested in our initiative and our stand.

There were many kilometers, many hours spent, a lot of heat and fatigue, but this was not a handicap to continue raising money to help Àlex with his treatments to mitigate Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Thank you very much, without your collaboration it won’t be posible!

Canet de Mar 2015

Canet de Mar 2015

Back to Canet Mar: Craft and Gift Fair + Canet Rock 2015

Next Saturday and Sunday, July 4th and 5th we will be at the Craft and Gifts Fair in Canet de Mar (40km from Barcelona). You will find some handmade products, food and many more articles such as: costume jewelry, clothes, decoration merchandise, silver jewelry, leather items, paintings and so on.

Fira Artesania Canet de Mar

You can find us Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 9PM, just next to the “Hostalet de Canet” in the “Riera Sant Domènech, No.5” in the same street side but below the “Hostalet” towards the beach. We will be there with our stand full of our association customized items (shirts, buffs, bracelets… and the compilation CD of songs in which we included a version of “Boig per tu” of the group “Sau” sung by Àlex. There are also other songs from Beth, Pep Sala, Jofre Bardagí, Vuit or Andreu Rifé among other artists who have also worked on it). All the money raised with all these articles will be used to pay for Àlex’s treatments to mitigate his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) achieving a better quality of life and personal growth thus being able to have a better future.

Also on Saturday the 4th Canet Rock 2015 is held, a large outdoor concert that will live its 6th installment. It is a festival full of music, a legend thanks to its four first editions (1975­-1978). This year it celebrates its 40 years from the first edition, and it has always taken place in Canet de Mar. All this makes this weekend’s Craft and Gift Fair a big party with performances and street shows. The restaurants, shops, bars and stores go out into the street along the “Riera Sant Domènech” stream and continue along the “Riera Gavarra” stream, taking members to “Pla d’en Sala”, the place where the festival takes place.

Canet Rock 2015

This Craft and Gift Fair has taken place in the “Riera Sant Domènech” stream during the first weekend of each month since the summer of 2004. For a while it was held on Saturdays only, but the success of exhibitors and visitors led it to last all weekend, just like nowadays.

Our participation as an organization has been thanks to the Economic development, Trade and Tourism Department of Canet de Mar Council who organizes this fair. We appreciate their help and willingness to make our initiative known to citizens, visitors and tourists from this beautiful Maresme’s town.

Thank you Capellades

Although late we are faithful to our habit of evaluating our trips. On March we went out once with our stand full of our association customized items. It was on March the 1st the second Sunday of Lent, that we went to Mercat Figueter which took place in Capellades (Barcelona), a town next to Igualada in Anoia’s region.

Mercat Figueter Capellades 2

Mercat Figueter Capellades 2015

Mercat Figueter Capellades 2015

As always we were pleased to visit Capellades again and to participate in this market. Although the wind ruined the event in some moments, it was not an obstruction to diffuse our initiative to new people and to make new friends. This allowed us to raise some more funds to keep helping Àlex to continue with the treatments he needs for his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Thanks to the collaboration of Capellades Council, we could set our stand there and participate as an organization.

Thanks to all for making this possible!

December: A magic and solidary month

This December has been a very intense month for us, many hours spent in a cold weather, but we wanted to go out and continue helping Àlex raising more funds to allow him continue receiving treatments for his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are so happy to get new support, to make new friends and to realize this diffusion of our initiative.

Desembre 2014 Nash Alex Sasha 4

The weekends 6th and 7th of December, 13th and 14th of December and 20th and 21st of December, we were in the 37th edition of Fira de Nadal (Christmas Fair) in Igualada (Barcelona), a traditional space in the old part of the city where dozens of stalls sell their products related to the Christmas traditions. We want to thank Fira d’Igualada and the Festival committee of the Font­-Vella district organizers of this fair to allow us to set our stand.

We followed the weekend 27th and 28th of December in Sant Maure futbool camp of Santa Margarida de Montbui, a town next to Igualada, where took place the Agility Competition scoring for the Spanish 2015 Championship of RSCE organized by Agility Club Rivalcan. It was so great to see the athletes and their competition dogs, playing, enjoying a good time and doing agility racing circuits.

Desembre 2014 Nash Alex Sasha 3

The competition was full of humor and fun, with two special and genuine tests, the “Jumping Caganer”, which gave a part of the money obtained (112€) to collaborate with our association to help Àlex to continue with his treatments. The other test was “Agility Pandereta”. We feel very fortunate that its leaders trusted in our association and our initiative. We are grateful for allowing us to set our stand the two days of the competition.

Desembre 2014 Nash Alex Sasha 1

You can find more information in this link:­pandereta/ (in Spanish)

Despite the cold, we were very well accompanied. You give us energy to go ahead. Thank you very much to all those who with their co­operation are making this possible!

We are taking part in an Agility Competition!

Next weekend December 27th and 28th, an Agility Competition and “la Prova Pandereta” will take place in Santa Margarida de Montbui, a town next to Igualada. The Agility Rivalcan Club organizes this competition. There you will see dogs racing, playing and competing in specific circuits. We are very happy to be invited to take part in this edition and grateful because they will give a part of their income to continue helping Àlex.

Club de Agility Rivalcan

The competition will take place next weekend at the soccer field “Sant Maure” (Sport Avenue, s/n) and it will consist of many agility and skill tests. This will be a competition full of humor, fun and not to be missed. These tests count for the 2015 RSCE Spanish Championship, so there will be high-level competitors that will show all their potential.

Àlex dogs

The competition will be held throughout Saturday and Sunday. From 11am to 7pm on Saturday and from 9am to 5pm on Sunday. On Saturday a Special Jumping will take place, it is organized in order to collaborate with our association. Besides, we will set our stand with lots of ideas and details of our association.

It is not possible to sum up in these lines all our gratitude for this gesture. We are pleased to participate and we appreciate the support that Agility Rivalcan Club has given to us. For us is a pride to be worthy of your co-operation. This will help Àlex to continue with all the treatments that help him with his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In addition, this will be a new experience for Àlex, and we are sure he will spend a really good time! For more information you can enter the website of the Agility Rivalcan Club (in Spanish).

We are going to the Christmas Fair in Igualada.

This December we continue going out to keep raising funds to afford Àlex’s treatments to mitigate his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The weekends of December 6th and 7th, 13th and 14th and 20th and 21st, the 37th Christmas Fair is held in Igualada. It takes place in a traditional space in the old city where dozens of stalls sell all kinds of products related to the Christmas traditions.

Fira de Nadal Igualada 2014

You can find us the days 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st from 10AM until 9 PM in our stand with all the association customized products, Christmas Lottery and…. a great surprise!


Our participation has been possible thanks to “Fira d’Igualada” and the Festival Committee of the Font-Vella district. They are the organizers of this Christmas fair, whom we thank for their disposition and help to continue making our initiative known.


You can find more information in this Facebook’s FanPage:

Sweet October + Return to the past

Last October we were in two different events to make our initiative known and also to raise funds to continue helping Àlex.

Saturday and Sunday, October 11th and 12th, we went to the 26th edition of “La Fira del Torró I la Xocolata de Pedra” which took place in Agramunt (Lleida). This fair is a meeting point and a reference for the world of sweets, especially with the “Torró” and the chocolate as Agramunt’s gastronomic references. Thanks to Agramunt’s Council cooperation we could participate and put up our stand.

Fira Agramunt

We visited “Jolonch” chocolate factory. A tercentennial company, the oldest brand in Europe and the second oldest in the world. Seeing old machines still in full use producing chocolate was an amazing experience.

Fira Agramunt

And on Sunday 26th of October we went to the second edition of “La Fira Embarrats” in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada (Barcelona). We have to thank the City Council that allowed us setting our stand.

The party was held on the days 25th and 26th. It pays tribute to the textile and to the life on the Carderner river riverbed at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was like a 100 years setback to the industrial, agricultural, social and cultural past of the town. People could visit the factories near the river; enjoy some theatrical portrays which could surprise you at any corner of the Fair. You could also taste some typical meals of that period and many more activities.

Fira Embarrats

Travelling to help Àlex, besides giving us support to our cause, allow us to experience the culture of each place we visit, to make new friends and also to know better our little but great country. We do lots of kilometers but it is worthy for all the funds raised and the diffusion we make.

Fira Embarrats

Thank you everyone for making it possible!!

We are going to the sweetest Fair

Next Saturday and Sunday, October 11th and 12th, we will be at the 26th edition of the “Fira del Torró i de la Xocolata a la Pedra” which takes place in Agramunt. This town has 5.700 residents and it is located in the Urgell region in Lleida. You will find us during all Saturday and Sunday since 10AM until 9PM at our stand with our association personalized items and Christmas lottery. The inauguration of this Fair will be held on Saturday at 12AM.

Fira Torró Agramunt cartell

Our participation has been possible thanks to the Agramunt Council. We have to thank them for their disposition and help when explaining our initiative to the village and the thousands of people that take part of this event. This Fair is a meeting point and a referent in the world of sweets, especially with turron and chocolate as Agramunt’s gastronomic referents.

Fira torró Agramunt

In this link you will find more information: (in Catalan).