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Cervera, solidarity fire.

On Saturday and Sunday, August 30th and 31st, we went to “Fira del Gran Boc“, which takes place simultaneusly with “Aquelarre“. Thanks to the cooperation of Cervera’s City Council, through the person in charge of the department Celebrations and Traditions, and the person in charge of “Aquelarre“. They are the promoters and organizers of the festival and thanks to them we could set our stand at the big Patio of the University of this beautiful and historic city.


We are glad of the reception we had in Cervera, the treatment of its people and its visitors. Moreover, we could enjoy some of the best moments surrounding this great festivity such as the start of the “correfoc de l’Aquelarre”. It was awesome!

Thanks to all the money we raised we can continue helping Àlex… and what is more important, we were able to explain our initiative to a lot of people. We hope this will help us in the future.

We want to thank all the people whose collaboration make all this possible!

Second week of September: Catalan rumba rhythm and culture at everyone’s reach.

This second week of September has been very intense for us. We have been to two different events just a few days apart to keep informing about our initiative and to raise funds to help Àlex.

Fira Tàrrega
Fira Tàrrega

On Wednesday September 10th we went to the festival of Catalan rumba from Catalonia “RUMBKP Festival” that took place in Capellades (Barcelona). We want to thank the Rumbkp organization for letting us place our stand since the festival started at 11:30.p.m until it ended. The wonderful weather we had during the night let us enjoy the groups taking part in the festival: Terratombats, Bongo Botrako and Oques Grasses.

Thanks very much to Terratombats, Catalan rumba in its pure essence. We had a great time listening and looking to them live. They shared some minutes with us and took photos with people at our stand. They also helped us explain to the audience our purpose speaking about Àlex from the stage and wearing a T-Shirt from our association. Moving around to help Àlex, we are able to enjoy special moments. This was one of them.

We followed on our activities Friday and Saturday September 12th and 13th, at “Mercat d’Artesania i Paradistes” from 11 in the morning until 1 a.m. This is a complementary activity of the “Fira Tàrrega – Teatre al Carrer” which took place in Tàrrega (Lleida) during two sunny and hot days. Thousands of people come to visit this fair, taking part in this cultural festivity. Thanks to the collaboration of “Fira Tàrrega” we could set our stand.

Fira Tàrrega
Fira Tàrrega

As always, we continue moving forward with a lot of dedication, effort and willingness. Very hopeful, enjoying this time and feeling satisfied with all the positive parts this project has.These months of effort have been worthy for all we have been able to raise, the diffusion and all the new friends we have made.

Thank you very much to everyone who is making this possible!

We are going to a festival: today we will go to RumbKP

Today, Wednesday September 10th, we are going to the RUMBKP Festival, the 2nd edition of Catalonia’s Catalan Rumba Festival which will be held in Capellades. We will be there with our stand full with our items (t-shirts, buffs, bracelets…), just to continue explaining our initiative to the people who will gather at this festival. This will take place in the Esplanade of Capellades, 2 minutes away from the centre of the village, in Fossar Street.

RumbKP 2013

We want to thank the organization of the Rumbkp Festival of Capellades because they have made it possible to put our stand there. In this 2014 edition, the following groups will be participating: Bongo Botrako, Oques Grasses and Terratombats.

The festival will start at 11:30PM at the Esplanade. You can find more information in the website: (in Catalan).

cartell RumbKP 2014

Cervera, Fira del Gran Boc & Aquelarre

This weekend we are going to Cervera to continue helping Àlex. We will be at the 17th edition of Fira del Gran Boc which coincides with the Aquelarre, a popular tradition with witches and fire!

Fira del Gran Boc will take place on Saturday from 5 PM to 3 AM and on Sunday from 5 PM to 10 PM. This fair gathers magic and esoteric professionals, natural products, artisans, food stands and some entities, all of them located in the courtyard of the University, also in the large University patio and at Plaça Universitat (outside the building).

fira gran boc aquelarre cervera 2014

We will be at the large university patio with our stand full of our association supportive and personalized items. We will be together with artisan’s stands, textiles and resale.

aquelarre cervera 2014

Our participation has been possible thanks to Cervera’s Town Council, through the Celebrations and Traditions Department and the Aquelarre Department. They are responsible, promoters and organizers of this event.

You can find more information at the website

Canet de Mar, new friends and lots of solidarity

Last 26th and 27th of July was a very intense weekend for us. We went to Fira d’Artesania i Regal de Canet de Mar (40 km from Barcelona) which coincided with Festa del Tomàquet (the tomato party), a gastronomic gathering where restaurants local and regional offer a variety of menus where all the dishes are cocked with the tomato grown in Maresme.

Canet de Mar, Marga & Carmen

We could set our stand in this beautiful city in Maresme thanks to the co-operation of the Economic Promotion Department of the Canet de Mar Council.

This was not our first trip outside Igualada, but it was the farthest. This allowed us to make our initiative and our association known to new friends. We are so happy for this and also for the good reception we had there. The tourists and the local people treated us excellently.

Canet de Mar, parada

There done many kilometres, lots of hours spent, with hot weather and tiredness, but it was worthy for the funds raised and for the diffusion we made. This will help us to keep helping Àlex… and what is more, we could explain our initiative to lots of new people and we hope this will be helpful in the future.

As always, thanks to all the people who make this possible!

June 2014, a month on the road, full of solidarity and making new friends

June was a very intense month for us. We participated in three different events to make people aware of our initiative and to raise funds to continue helping Àlex. It was an intense month, with lots of kilometres covered and lots of hours spent but it has been worthy. Because of all the money we have collected for Àlex and because we have spread the message.

FirAnoia Igualada

We started June 7th and 8th weekend at Cervera (Lleida) a town that this year has been named Ciutat Gegantera 2014 de Catalunya (Catalonia’s 2014 city of giants) and hosted giants and “big heads” carriers and organizations. Thanks to the town council we could set our stand in two different places in that beautiful and historic city. On Saturday we set camp at Sant Miquels’s Square, in the center of the city, and on Sunday morning at Sindicat’s Square.

Cervera-Ciutat Gegantera

As this was our second time out of Igualada we were able to make our initiative known to many people who were not aware of anything about our association. This is why we are so happy, we had an amazing reception in Cervera, the citizens and the visitors where very kind. And we could enjoy Catalan Popular Culture and all the events that took place.

Cervera-Ciutat Gegantera

The next weekend was June 14th and 15th and Fira d’Entitats was held. It was part of FirAnoia, organized by Fira d’Igualada, our city’s most popular fair. Thousands of people come to visit this fair, which is located in Igualada’s historical center. That is why this fair is a cultural model in the city. Thanks to the Fira d’Entitats de l’Ajuntament d’Igualada we were able to set our stand at the nonprofit local entities area.

As it was a local fair we met with old friends and contributors who had helped us before, but we also met new people. One of the people we met and had the pleasure to talk to was an newspaper team member, who mentioned us in his article on June 20th (in Catalan). Thank you very much for helping us diffuse our initiative.

The last event we took part in was “El Troc”, Igualada’s exchange market, held on June 21st at the Museu de la Pell. Although we had less people than we expected, we were able to make our initiative known to new people. So we were very happy.

Nash Alex Sasha - TROC

We are glad to have been in these three events. Thanks to the funds we had raised we can continue helping Àlex. And most importantly we explained our initiative to many people and we hope this will help us in the future.

Since the first party we made to raise funds in “La Bastida” (Igualada) that had took place on June 1st 2013 we could start paying the educative-therapeutic weekly sessions for Àlex in Sitges. We continue paying them with the money we have been raising all these months, doing a second party in the Igualada fair space and setting our stand in fairs, markets, gatherings, etc. wherever we are allowed to do so.

We haven’t had to stop Àlex’s sessions. We can see how Àlex is making progress, he is improving and he is also starting to say he wants to do that, and asking for it. This progress is amazing, he is growing up and he wants to grow up, this has no price.

We continue working hard and now we feel optimists. We keep moving forward and hoping that everything we have worked for start at last.

When in a situation like ours, a particular case like many and many others, you yourself have to look for solutions just to keep going, keep fighting, you can never give up. Because the thing you are fighting for is always worthy. If the goal is worthy and the means used are honest. All the more when it is for a Son you are fighting for. Just like us.

We want to thank Marc Mañé who has been with us since the beginning, helping us diffusing the 2.0 initiative, creating the bloc/site, bringing the Nash Sasha Alex Facebook page up, all concerning to communication online, letting us dispose of his knowledge to continue with the initiative. We also want to thank Marga Xaus who works continueously to enhace and promote our initiative joining us in the events and being creative in all involving the spread of the initiative. Without him everything would be harder and nothing would be the same.

Finally, we want to thanks Isabel Lacleta, Rufino García and Marta Ferrer, who have accompanied us in our outings.

Without your help this would not have been possible!

Thank you very much to all those who with their collaboration are doing all this possible!

Solidarity at The Lemon Day

Lemon Day Capellades

Last Saturday July 5th we were at an alternative music festival “The Lemon Day” held at Font Cuitora Park in Capellades (Barcelona), to present our initiative and to raise funds to continue helping Àlex.

Thanks to the organizers “Associació d’Amics del Rock’n’Roll i Una Mica de Pop” of Capellades we were able to place our stand since the festival started at 7 PM until it ended.

We had a wonderful afternoon, night and late night. We enjoyed the festival and its atmosphere, as always taking action and happy with the work done.

Thanks to all the money we raised, we will be able to continue helping Àlex… and what is more important, we had the chance to explain our initiative to many people who gave us strength and courage to continue fighting. They also congratulated us for the work we are doing, which comforts us and helps us move forward.

We want to thank all the people whose collaboration makes all this possible.

At the Canet de Mar craft fair

This weekend we are going back on the road to keep helping Àlex. This Saturday and Sunday, July 26th and 27th, we will be at craft fair Fira d’Artesania i Regal de Canet de Mar (about 40km from Barcelona) an artisans and entities meeting that coincides with the Festa del Tomàquet (the tomato party, a gastronomic meeting that brings together town and local restaurants with varied menus and special dishes made with tomatoes grown in Maresme’s area).

Tomàquet del Maresme 2014

This fair will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 11pm at Plaça Universitat. Our participation is possible thanks to the collaboration of the economic and promotion area of Canet de Mar’s city council, whose disposition and help in introducing our initiative to citizens and tourists from this beautiful town in Maresme has been vital.

If this weekend you decide to come and taste Maresme’s tomatoes don’t forget to come and say hello and to take with you some of our association’s original items.

This Saturday will take place the third edition of the “Troc”, a popular exchange market

Cartell TROC

This Saturday, the third edition of “Troc” is going to take place in Igualada. It is a exchange market, a space for exchanging, sharing, and re-selling all kinds of items we have at home and are no longer useful for us. The “Troc” is open to all citizens, and it takes place this Saturday, June 21st in Igualada. We will also participate in the “Troc” to continue promoting our initiative; as well as continue seeking support and raising funds to help Àlex.

We’ll be holding the event all day long at the Leather’s museum courtyard of Igualada, from 10 a.m to 8 p.m, and will be attended by families and non-profit entities. There you can find us in our stand with solidarity and personalized items.


The purpose of this exchange market is giving new life to objects and products we acquire over time, encouraging the 3R’s: reduce, recycle, reuse. People are welcomed to exchange, give, sell or purchase lots of things like: books, records, films, clothing and accessories, toys, musical instruments, small appliances, tools, household items, jewelry, computer equipment, plants, baby equipment, and many other kinds of objects

The day will be marked by a familiar and popular atmosphere. There will be some activities such as the performance of JoKB (a musical group from Igualada who were already on our second charitable party) at 12pm., A workshop of crafts with recycled material held by the Àuria’s Foundation, between 11 a.m and 13:30 a.m and a workshop of plastic, between 17h and 20h. The “Troc” market will also have bar service.

We are at “FirAnoia”, the main fair of Igualada

fira igualada

This weekend we face the third consecutive weekend doing activities and having presence on the streets to continue helping Àlex. After being in the Craft market “Peces Puces” in Igualada and “Ciutat Gegantera 2014” in Cervera, this Saturday and Sunday, 14th and 15th of June, we will participate in the Entities’ Fair, which belongs to “FirAnoia”, the main multi sectorial fair that takes place in Igualada. It consists of a gathering of companies, entities, artisans, etc. and also a party full of activities addressed to the general public.

The “FirAnoia”, which is organized by “Fira d’Igualada”, will take place the days 13th, 14th and 15th of June in the central streets of the city.

We will be in the entities’ space, in Òdena’s Street, together with other organizations and nonprofit associations. You can find us on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 21 hours and find our solidarity customized items and the Christmas lottery.

You can find more information in

See you in Igualada!