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Neus Castells / Nash Alex Sasha

I am writing to you today to talk about Àlex. I worked with him in Carrilet Attention Service for two years since September 2010. Àlex is curious, restless and observant, a very sensitive and affectionate child. He has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Àlex doesn’t perceive the world the same way as the majority of people do; his life is often disturbing and disconcerting. This results in him frequently wondering about the reason for many things; for example, the whys of people’s responses, their motives, and he usually asks repeatedly: “and why?”. He has difficulty anticipating others actions as his ability to put himself in someone else’s place is limited. This means that his world is unpredictable and consequently he gets deeply distressed. Let’s try to put ourselves in his place. Imagine we could not translate the meaning of a traffic light; so therefore, whenever we wanted to cross a busy avenue we would feel frightened as we would not know the car’s movement, if they would stop or go on. In short, we would not be sure if we were safe or in danger. Àlex’s life is a bit like this.

Luckily, Àlex has received help from professionals which has been assumed by his parents with hard work, perseverance and dedication. As they say “it is his future” and yes, this is the main fear for many families. “What will happen to Àlex when we are no longer here?” they wonder. The relational psychotherapeutic work is based on taking care of his emotional well-being and of his psychological and human development, making possible everyday functions as optimal and independent as possible. We must help him take responsibility for his things, help him learn, help him manage his emotions and help him understand the world.

I have been lucky to meet Àlex. We have done a bit of his journey together, during which we have got angry, we have had good times, we have cried and we have seen inside each other. We have been able to talk about his fears, about his discomfort, about the things he does not understand. Now, Àlex is more capable to regulate himself, to express his emotions, to organize his time, and he can also establish bonds.

Now, he is on another stage and it is essential to continue working. From here, I want to join his family in asking for financial support so that Àlex can continue his path as happily as possible.

Neus Castells i Gessé
Collegiate number 15577
Barcelona, 16 March 2013

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