Party for Àlex


On Saturday October 5th you have a new festival for helping Àlex. This Saturday, we are having party at the Cal Carner space with music, popular meals and activities for all the family. This festival aims to raise more money for Àlex, so we can keep the treatments for the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

After having a fantastic party at laBastida last June and creating the charity bracelets, we have organized this new party, which will starts at 11AM at the Cal Carner space (C/ Doctor Pujadas, Igualada). You will find activities for children, workshops, percussion bands, child entertainers, popular meals and music performances during all afternoon and night.

The tickets cost 3€ (all day entrance) and all the attenders will receive a special badge from the Associació Nash Alex Sasha. You can buy the tickets on Saturday or previously at the following venues at Igualada:

  • Akord’s (Carrer Pobla de Claramunt, 1 – Cantonada Av Balmes),
  • Hot Blues (Carrer Tarragona, 9),
  • Posa’l Disc (Plaça del Rei, 1).

If you wish, you can also buy the meals tickets in advance. They cost 10€ each.

All the income (from the meals and tickets) will be destined to keep the treatments that Àlex is receiving in order to fight against the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We hope to help Àlex and make his life better and richer.


11.00h – Opening.
11.00h – 16.00h Inflatable mattress, workshops for kids and workshop by the Falcons de Capellades.
12.00h – Petits Diables d’Igualada.
13.00h – MoltaXamba – percussion band.
13.00h – Little introduction to the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
14.00h – Dinar Popular, popular meal.
15.00h – Canta Jocs – child entertainer.
16.00h – Gabby – child entertainer.
17.00h – Protons & Albert Balcells – percussion band and signer.
18.00h – Mata el cuc per un 1€ – chocolate snack.
18.00h – Pribiz.
19.00h – Eko Taym – Pilar Corrons.
20.00h – Enric Verdaguer.
Little introduction to the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
21.00h – Sopar Popular, popular meal.
21.00h – JoKB.
22.00h – Ljubliana & The Seawolf.
23.00h – Les Tietes Queques.

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