Solidarity at The Lemon Day

Lemon Day Capellades

Last Saturday July 5th we were at an alternative music festival “The Lemon Day” held at Font Cuitora Park in Capellades (Barcelona), to present our initiative and to raise funds to continue helping Àlex.

Thanks to the organizers “Associació d’Amics del Rock’n’Roll i Una Mica de Pop” of Capellades we were able to place our stand since the festival started at 7 PM until it ended.

We had a wonderful afternoon, night and late night. We enjoyed the festival and its atmosphere, as always taking action and happy with the work done.

Thanks to all the money we raised, we will be able to continue helping Àlex… and what is more important, we had the chance to explain our initiative to many people who gave us strength and courage to continue fighting. They also congratulated us for the work we are doing, which comforts us and helps us move forward.

We want to thank all the people whose collaboration makes all this possible.

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