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Cervera, solidarity fire.

On Saturday and Sunday, August 30th and 31st, we went to “Fira del Gran Boc“, which takes place simultaneusly with “Aquelarre“. Thanks to the cooperation of Cervera’s City Council, through the person in charge of the department Celebrations and Traditions, and the person in charge of “Aquelarre“. They are the promoters and organizers of the festival and thanks to them we could set our stand at the big Patio of the University of this beautiful and historic city.


We are glad of the reception we had in Cervera, the treatment of its people and its visitors. Moreover, we could enjoy some of the best moments surrounding this great festivity such as the start of the “correfoc de l’Aquelarre”. It was awesome!

Thanks to all the money we raised we can continue helping Àlex… and what is more important, we were able to explain our initiative to a lot of people. We hope this will help us in the future.

We want to thank all the people whose collaboration make all this possible!

Cervera, Fira del Gran Boc & Aquelarre

This weekend we are going to Cervera to continue helping Àlex. We will be at the 17th edition of Fira del Gran Boc which coincides with the Aquelarre, a popular tradition with witches and fire!

Fira del Gran Boc will take place on Saturday from 5 PM to 3 AM and on Sunday from 5 PM to 10 PM. This fair gathers magic and esoteric professionals, natural products, artisans, food stands and some entities, all of them located in the courtyard of the University, also in the large University patio and at Plaça Universitat (outside the building).

fira gran boc aquelarre cervera 2014

We will be at the large university patio with our stand full of our association supportive and personalized items. We will be together with artisan’s stands, textiles and resale.

aquelarre cervera 2014

Our participation has been possible thanks to Cervera’s Town Council, through the Celebrations and Traditions Department and the Aquelarre Department. They are responsible, promoters and organizers of this event.

You can find more information at the website www.aquelarre.cat