This Saturday will take place the third edition of the “Troc”, a popular exchange market

Cartell TROC

This Saturday, the third edition of “Troc” is going to take place in Igualada. It is a exchange market, a space for exchanging, sharing, and re-selling all kinds of items we have at home and are no longer useful for us. The “Troc” is open to all citizens, and it takes place this Saturday, June 21st in Igualada. We will also participate in the “Troc” to continue promoting our initiative; as well as continue seeking support and raising funds to help Àlex.

We’ll be holding the event all day long at the Leather’s museum courtyard of Igualada, from 10 a.m to 8 p.m, and will be attended by families and non-profit entities. There you can find us in our stand with solidarity and personalized items.


The purpose of this exchange market is giving new life to objects and products we acquire over time, encouraging the 3R’s: reduce, recycle, reuse. People are welcomed to exchange, give, sell or purchase lots of things like: books, records, films, clothing and accessories, toys, musical instruments, small appliances, tools, household items, jewelry, computer equipment, plants, baby equipment, and many other kinds of objects

The day will be marked by a familiar and popular atmosphere. There will be some activities such as the performance of JoKB (a musical group from Igualada who were already on our second charitable party) at 12pm., A workshop of crafts with recycled material held by the Àuria’s Foundation, between 11 a.m and 13:30 a.m and a workshop of plastic, between 17h and 20h. The “Troc” market will also have bar service.

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