A heartful concert: more than 600€ raised to continue helping Àlex

We are glad to tell you that at the “Solidary Concert + Charity call Help Us Help Àlex” that took place last 28th of November, we raised 675€ that will be used entirely for Àlex to continue receiving treatments to mitigate his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This concert also allowed us to tell people about our initiative, explain Àlex history and our association Nash Alex Sasha.

"Lexu's -Carles & Berenguer- with Xavi from Blaumut - A heartful concert". Photo de A. Màrchal.
“Lexu’s -Carles & Berenguer- with Xavi from Blaumut – A heartful concert”. Photo de A. Màrchal.
"Primo Zon with Maria Colom & Jordi Solà - A heartful concert". Photo Mireia Casanovas.
“Primo Zon with Maria Colom & Jordi Solà – A heartful concert”. Photo Mireia Casanovas.
"Enric Verdaguer - A heartful concert". Photo A. Màrchal.
“Enric Verdaguer – A heartful concert”. Photo A. Màrchal.

It was not an usual concert, as it was full of surprises. It was very special, emotional, intimate and lovely for lots of different reasons. One of this reasons was the location: “La Cava Club del Retiro” in Sitges. This concert meant for us the starting point of 2016 to our “Charity Call”. We showed many materials we had been preparing for a long time and that we hope will be known soon around the world to continue helping Àlex:

    • The video where Àlex is singing a version of “Boig per tu” from “Sau” and that was recorded 1 year ago can be watched here:

  • The official presentation of the “Episode 001” video that opened the “Charity Call”. A video done with lot of dedication, effort and will. But also with much illusion, love and the satisfaction of being a teamwork. This video will be available soon.
  • Andreu Rifé’s video singing and playing his beautiful song “Fil de Llum” with Àlex, who loves this song. Andreu Rifé has collaborated with us in many occasions, but this time was impossible for him to be there. As he wanted to participate in some way he recorded this video for us. It also will be available soon!

Moreover, between the performances some recent photos of Àlex were screened, photos from last summer, full of colour, joy and excitement… in short: hope!

In the concert some musician friends meet and they gave us some improvised performances. Pribiz with Enric Verdaguer, Lexu’s with Lluís of Màia’s group and again Lexu’s with Xavi from Blaumut group. Lexu’s and Xavi were singing a song while reading the lyrics from a mobile, so they were touching the mobile constantly so the light didn’t go off. I was funny!

"Blaumut (Xavi, Oriol & Vassil) - A heartful concert". Photo Roberto Franco (Roby).
“Blaumut (Xavi, Oriol & Vassil) – A heartful concert”. Photo Roberto Franco (Roby).

Ramon Mirabet and all the other musicians dedicated some words to the audience and that was how we knew that the song “Le Sud” that appears in his first disc, was filmed in the same location as we were doing the concert. We don’t believe in chances, but if so… we hope it is a good sign for all that we have going on to help Àlex. We have a goal and we are fighting to get it. After the last performance, we listen to the beautiful song of Lluis Llach “Que tinguem sort” to close the event.

Before saying goodbyes, we would like to let known that from a negative and painful situation that we had, now we are living a beautiful experience that is allowing us to make new friends, talk and meet very interesting people we had never imagined we could meet. We are enjoying and feeling satisfied of what we are doing and we are trying to notice the positive moments of a situation that is hard to carry on.

We want to thank the audience that participated in the concert, also thank the musicians and collaborators that disinterestedly and solidarity make our dream come true. We got to do a very special concert in Sitges with the musicians and groups that we wanted to help Àlex’s cause. Without all them this could not be possible. This is why we want to thank their dedication mentioning them.

It was a magic evening! Thanks to everyone that made it possible!

You can find more photos in Nash Alex Sasha Facebook.

Musicians and groups

  • Sergio Ramírez
  • Albert Solà
  • Pribiz
  • Primo Zon
  • Ramon Mirabet
  • Lexu’s
  • Enric Verdaguer
  • Blaumut
  • and the collaboration of Andreu Rifé (video)


  • David Casamitjana
  • Escola de Música Akord’s
  • La Cava Club del Retiro
  • La Palmera Torta
  • L’Eco de Sitges
  • Música Global Discogràfica (Ramon)
  • No Sonores (Ariadna Biosca)
  • TEMproductions (Cristina Torres and Elisenda Carod)

Usual collaborators

  • Marc Mañé
  • Dlktssn
  • Centre Escala Iris
  • Jaume Noguera


  • A. Màrchal
  • Cristina Plumed
  • Marga Xaus
  • Patricia Duran
  • Sergio Ramírez

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