Sweet October + Return to the past

Last October we were in two different events to make our initiative known and also to raise funds to continue helping Àlex.

Saturday and Sunday, October 11th and 12th, we went to the 26th edition of “La Fira del Torró I la Xocolata de Pedra” which took place in Agramunt (Lleida). This fair is a meeting point and a reference for the world of sweets, especially with the “Torró” and the chocolate as Agramunt’s gastronomic references. Thanks to Agramunt’s Council cooperation we could participate and put up our stand.

Fira Agramunt

We visited “Jolonch” chocolate factory. A tercentennial company, the oldest brand in Europe and the second oldest in the world. Seeing old machines still in full use producing chocolate was an amazing experience.

Fira Agramunt

And on Sunday 26th of October we went to the second edition of “La Fira Embarrats” in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada (Barcelona). We have to thank the City Council that allowed us setting our stand.

The party was held on the days 25th and 26th. It pays tribute to the textile and to the life on the Carderner river riverbed at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was like a 100 years setback to the industrial, agricultural, social and cultural past of the town. People could visit the factories near the river; enjoy some theatrical portrays which could surprise you at any corner of the Fair. You could also taste some typical meals of that period and many more activities.

Fira Embarrats

Travelling to help Àlex, besides giving us support to our cause, allow us to experience the culture of each place we visit, to make new friends and also to know better our little but great country. We do lots of kilometers but it is worthy for all the funds raised and the diffusion we make.

Fira Embarrats

Thank you everyone for making it possible!!

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